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What is today Ripley Farms was first built by Elijah Eaton, Roland Ripley's great-great-grandfather in 1892. Elijah Eaton was a land owner and inspector of the Common School. His son, Charles Eaton, purchased the farm from his father and continued to raise dairy cattle. It was Charles Eaton's daughter and son-in-law, Charles and Sarah (Eaton) Ripley, who bought the farm from Sarah's father. They purchased their first Guernsey cow from the Harris family, after Charles Ripley decided there must be a better way than to force strip each of his 20-30 Holstein cows to get a high enough test to ship milk. Many other Guernsey cows have passed through the barn doors since that day in 1945

The present owner, Roland Ripley, purchased the farm in 1960 from his mother, Sarah Ripley Knickerbocker three years after his marriage to Patricia Darling.

In 1955 Roland's father was killed in a car accident and the high school sophomore was left with a farm to run. Roland's mother remarried in 1960 to Frank Knickerbocker. Times were hard then and the farm almost ended in bankruptcy. It was difficult for 16 year old Roland to continue to go to school, work on the farm, and carry a tremendous debt load.

In 2016 the farm purchased Hillcrest Dairy in Moravia, NY. The goal is to bottle and sell A2 Guernsey milk, butter and cheese.

Ripley Farms main location.